Electronics & Communication Engineering Jobs

Post :Scientist `B' - Electronics & Comm. Engineering

Vacancy :37

Age : 28 years

Pay Scale :Rs. 56,100/-

Qualification :At least First Class Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Technology in Electronics & Communication Engg from a recognized university or equivalent. Applicants must also fulfil ONE of the following additional requirements: 1. GATE Qualification: Valid GATE score in Electronics & Communication Engg [Paper code : EC] 2. Minimum 80% aggregate marks in EQ degree, if done from an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or National Institute of Technology (NIT).
Equivalent acceptable subjects of Essential Qualification Degree:1. Electronics & Communication Engg 2. Electronics Engg 3. Electronics & Computer Engg 4. Electronics & Control Engg. 5. Electronics & Communication System Engg 6. Electronics & Instrumentation Engg 7. Electronics & Tele- Communication Engg 8. Electronics & Telematics Engg 9. Industrial Electronics Engg 10. Tele Communication Engg 11. Telecommunication & Information Tech 12. Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engg 13. Electronics & Electrical Communication Engg 14. Electrical with Communication Engg 15. Radio Physics & Electronics 16. Electrical Engg 17. Electrical & Electronics Engg 18. Electronics & Communication Engg (Avionics)

Last date for submission of online application:10 July 2020

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