Jobs in UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL)

UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL)
(a Government of India company)
UTI - ITSL Tower, Plot No 3, Sector 11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai - 400614.

UTIITSL invites application for the following IT and Engineering jobs in the capacity of  Asst.Vice Pesident,    Manager/ Project Coordinator (IT),  Assistant Manager/ Project Associate (IT), Executive etc. : 

  1. Divisional Manager (Civil)
  2. Senior Manager (Civil)   
  3. Senior Manager (Civil)     
  4. Deputy Manager (Civil) 
  5. Deputy Manager (Civil)  
  6. Divisional Manager (Electrical) 
  7. Deputy Manager (Electrical)    
  8. Deputy Manager (Electrical) 
  9. Senior Executive(Electrical) 
  10. Senior Executive(Electrical) 
  11. Executive (Claims Adjudication)     
  12. Senior Executive (Claims Adjudication) 
  13. Deputy Manager (Claims Adjudication)    
  14.  Senior Manager (Claims Adjudication)     
  15. Divisional Manager (Claims Adjudication) 
  16. Senior Executive (IT Certifications) 
  17. Senior Executive (Web Programming in .Net) 
  18. Senior Executive (Linux System Administration) 
  19. Senior Executive (MS-SQL DBA)     
  20. Deputy Manager (Linux System Administration)     
  21. Deputy Manager (MS-SQL DBA)     
  22. Senior Executive (MySQL DBA) 
  23. Senior Executive (e-Gov Business Development)     
  24. Senior Executive (IT Facility Management/ IT Infrastructure)     
  25. Project Manager (e-Gov Business Development) (In Divisional Manager Grade) 
  26. Senior Executive (Windows System Administration)   
  27. Project Manager (e-Gov Implementation) 
  28. Deputy Manager (Network Management)    
  29. Deputy Manager (Oracle DBA) 
  30. Executive (Software developer)
  31. Deputy Manager (e-Gov Business Development & Implementation) 
  32. Senior Executive (Software developer in PL/SQL, Oracle D2K, VB, RDBMS- Oracle, MySql, MS-SQL, MS-Access) 
  33. Senior Manager (e-Gov Business Development & Implementation) 
  34. Senior Executive (Java & Oracle) 
  35. Senior Executive (Oracle DBA) 
  36. Senior Manager (IT R&D)    
Last date: 22/08/2012.

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